“you acting kinda sus bro”


Osbaldo Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Have you ever gone on a long road trip with your friends and you need something to occupy your time,  so you download an online game but find that it’s boring or it has a lot of ads? The game Among Us is the perfect solution.

Among Us was first released on June 15, 2018 and developed by the game studio Innersloth. Even though the game was released two years ago, it has recently received the attention it deserves because streamers started playing it and it has gone viral on TikTok. I gave this game a try and honestly, I understand the hype around this game.

The maximum number of people in a lobby is 10. The host of the lobby can change the setting from player speed, number of imposters, number of tasks, how long the tasks are and etc. Once the host feels like it’s good to play, he or she starts the game.

When the game starts there are two teams: the crewmates and the imposters, there can only be a maximum of three imposters.

The crewmates objective is to either complete the task they are assigned, which no one ever does, or vote off the imposters. The imposters only have one objective and that’s to kill all the crewmates. However, the imposters are able to sabotage things like the lights, oxygen tanks, reactors, and doors so it makes it harder for the crewmates. If a crewmate spots a dead body they can report it or they can press an emergency button. After that, everyone gets taken into a conference room and they have to discuss who the imposter is. However, if you got killed you can’t talk during the meeting because you already know who the killer is so it’s just unfair and since when do the dead talk?

Usually you would try to use logic but not in this game. If you use just a tiny bit of logic you’ll instantly get voted off because “you acting kinda sus bro.”  Most of the time the conversation goes something along the lines of “Aye bruh purple is acting kinda sus man” and everyone votes purple off or everyone is just screaming at the top of their lungs. Playing with friends is fun but this game can certainly ruin a lot of friendships because everyone just turns on everyone and then they are all like “I trusted you man i thought you had my back.”

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game and I highly recommend it to anyone, whether you have friends or not, to download it. Among Us is currently available on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.