Bretman Rock Sacayanan

In honor of LGBTQ+ History Month


Tina Nguyen, Staff Writer

Bretman Rock Sacayanan was born July 31, 1998. He is a Filipino-American beauty influencer and a social media personality based in Hawaii. He is also a makeup artist. He started as a comedian and meme creator on YouTube and Vine before shifting to vlogs and beauty tutorials.  Bretman has always been open about who he is and is proud of who he is.

“I think I live the fight for LGBTQ rights everyday by just living honestly and openly and showing people it’s okay to be different,” expressed Rock.

His confidence of his true self inspires others to be proud of themselves. His authentic self creates an environment for others, showing that being your true self is something to be proud of. Bretman has been recognized by Time magazine as one of the “30 Most Influential Teens” in 2017, and he was included in the Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia – Media, Marketing, & Advertising” list in 2018. In 2019, Rock won the Beauty Influencer award at the 45th People’s Choice Awards and  was featured on the Pride Month cover of Gay Times. In 2020, he was a finalist in comedy video at the Shorty Awards. Rock was also listed on Variety’s 2020 Power of Young Hollywood list.