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Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen was born on December 14th. She was born and raised in San Diego, California. However, her family members were born in Vietnam. She celebrated her promotion at Wilson Middle School and now she is in her last year of high school at the age of 17, waiting to graduate in June 2021. Having an interest in journalism, she decided to enroll in the class of publications/yearbook. In 2015, she discovered music from a Korean boy band, BTS. Since then, she always found BTS to be amazing role models to many people. She believes they have a powerful impact not only in Korea, but world wide. As of this year, she intended to go see a BTS concert in May, but the concert was postponed due to Covid-19. She was really upset that she was unable to go, but understands that this is the safety for everyone. To stop the cases from rising, she states, “People should wear masks when they go outside , even if it may feel uncomfortable or they think they don’t have Covid-19. This is a precautionary procedure to stop the virus from spreading and it would be great for EVERYONE to cooperate.”

Tina Nguyen, Staff Writer

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Tina Nguyen