Jennifer Murillo


Tina Nguyen, Staff Writer

Jennifer Murillo, also goes by Jenn. She is a 16-year-old Mexican-American female that was born on September 24, in Aurora, Colorado. She has been attending Hoover High since freshman year and has always been a part of the Academy of Health and Healthier Communities (AHHC) as well as FACES for the Future. She is currently the Secretary of Cesar Chavez Club and a member of Class of 2021. Jennifer is self-driven, full of adventure, approachable, honest, compassionate, and has a contagious laugh. Her plans after high school is to attend a 4-year university. She is deciding whether she would want to major in nursing, biology, or forensics. She enjoys exercising, baking, and binge-watching crime shows like CSI Miami. Jenn also loves to create make-up looks and has been coming up with different looks since the age of 12. Having her senior year start virtually through Zoom has been stressful and overwhelming due to the pile of homework received. She prefers learning interactively and being on campus because the material will be delivered smoother than online school, but she continues to work hard to get all her assignments done on time and finishing the year strong. Jennifer wants to remind everyone to stay safe and always wear a mask out in public.