Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

Happy 2021 from the staff of The Cardinal!

The past year has been a series of obstacles and challenges.  Though we are in a new year, the world is still trying to deal with the effects of the previous year.  There is still a lot that needs to be done if the world is ever going to be able to go back to a somewhat normal existence.  One theme that came out from last year was “peace.” 


Luisana Chavez

In my version of a peaceful little world, the grass would shine a bright green, the ocean would glow a deep blue, the sky would seem infinite without anything blocking its view, and every being would be free.

I would walk through long fields of grass, through the rough terrain of nature, or the soft grains of sand beneath my bare feet. Be able to look up to the sky and see nothing but the simple beauty provided above me with clouds painted in the clear blue view. The sun, beaming onto my skin without a worry and my body absorbing its rays. See the change of color in the sky as the sun fades into the ocean and have nightfall come down on me while the night stars begin to surround me as they light up my world. Hearing the distant waves crash from the nearby pacific ocean as I lie, one with the Earth. The simplicity of breathing in true, pure, untouched air and fill my lungs while laying on a planet that I have truly and simply fallen in love with.

No worries, no cares, living just for one day in pure bliss.

This may be what I envision, an escape from the harsh reality there is to face on a daily basis, but there will be moments in this life where I may be able to come close to feeling all of these things at once.

Although I would have loved to live this fantasy life, it’s not the life I was meant to live and I’m fine with that. Being able to express these feelings and emotions, whether that be through pictures, drawings, or words, is all I ever need.

Having that place where I can find relief and solitude would be amazing in my peaceful little world, and there are so many other things I would love to add or talk about in this fictional place but the list is quite infinite. I would love for you to think about your own peaceful world and everything there is that is up for you to decide. This was just a small look into what my own personal peaceful world would be like and I hope anyone reading this enjoyed that, even if it was for a short period of time.


Carlos Robles

What peace on earth means to me is everyone getting along and basically not having to worry about your problems. We should definitely have peace on earth during this time. Right now especially since it’s the holiday season. We should all be enjoying this time to spend with family and friends. And start to get into the holiday spirit. Peace is important in our society because it plays a big factor in the economy and social development. Fear, hate, and anger decrease peace in the world. I also think that peace in a community makes it stronger. The kind of peaceful world I would like to see is everyone getting along with each other. No hate, just love. Another thing that would make a peaceful world would be, helping people in need. Making sure they are taken care of and are doing well. Not only that but making sure everyone is okay and isn’t struggling with anything. If I could I would give my family their own house. I know that’s a basic thing to say but it’s the truth. My parents have done so much for me, I would like to give them something that they’ve always wanted. They are also such hardworking people, and have taught me to be hardworking just like them. What I would give myself is, a speaker. I’ve been really wanting a speaker so I can play music really loud and annoy my family. And what I would give the world is try to spread love and happiness to everyone I know. So it could stick with them and they can also spread it to other people.


Emely Sanchez

Peace on Earth means something very powerful because if not, where would we all be if no one had peace? It’s something important to keep and make sure that the younger children learn from the older. Also, a place where everything can be changed around with peace. Peace is important to society because this world would be a mess. Also it would affect many of us if we didn’t live with peace. We already have a lot going on in our world now and imagine if everyone was going crazy with no one to make it better. Without peace in the world, there would be less connection to life.  But with peace, increased joy and love to the whole world.

A peaceful world to me looks like everyone living life to its fullest, a place where problems always have a solution and no harm existing of any kind. Making sure that everyone is treated equally, a place where no one has to worry about what others think once they walk in through the door. Something that I would give my family if I could, is their dream home and live close to their parents. Something that I would give myself would be being able to help out everyone that is in need because I know what it’s like to go through hard times and also be able to provide for my family the rest of my life. To the world, I would give help, because in this world I feel like we can all make a difference in the environment, education, and much more.


Tina Nguyen

One society. One community. One world where there is no hate spread is what I consider peace. A society that comes together is what peace looks like to me. In a smaller realm, two people who are polite and respectful to one another is a peaceful interaction. Having peace on earth is important because no wars, discrimination, and segregation would occur.

If peace was not here, the world would be in chaos. Constant fighting would happen. Peace is the way out of inequity and violence and a golden ticket to enter a new, brighter future for humankind. Peace builds a civil society and addresses underlying structural and societal issues. Though in society, there are parts of the world where there is an absence of peace.

Peace in my family resembles respect and kindness. Therefore, I would give respect and kindness to every family member in my household. My family are people who I cherish the most and would give them anything to make them happy. Coming from a family that immigrated to the United States, they have worked hard to provide for the household and not having time to explore. When I am financially stable, I would give back to my parents. As for my community, I would give back to the place of City Heights by visiting and partaking in community services.


Anette Diaz

To me Peace on Earth means a world without violence, where nations try to work with each other. It also means equal human rights, technology, free education for everyone, engineering, availability of medicine, diplomats and an end to all forms of fighting. Peace and security is an essential factor of human life. A peaceful and secure environment is critical to every society since it affects all aspects of economic and social development in a country, and is necessary to the realization of human rights. It is also a golden ticket to enter a new, brighter future for humankind. All of us are important in this epic endeavor and the future generations need every hand they can get to receive a more equal, peaceful, and beautiful world. A peaceful world is one with a functioning world parliament where representatives of all the nations meet regularly and resolve issues by reducing armaments and settling disputes. One in which the resources of the planet are focused on eliminating disease and extreme poverty. Where children are not malnourished, abducted and abused. One in which the scientists collaborate to solve problems caused by pollution and the oceans are free of garbage and waste. Where the children have access to education and training. One where national, racial and class prejudices are on the wane and people accept each other. I see a peaceful world where men and women see each as equals. If I had the resources to give my family a promising future where they didn’t have to face poverty, violence, or discrimination I would give everything valuable to world just to obtain this. I would give myself a new self-esteem and mindset to be able to deal with my metal problems on a regular basis. This mindset would help me live in a world with spiritual peace within myself. I would give the world ever dollar dime if that is the value to the world, just to end world hunger and killing. I would give everything I had to see the world I live in result in love and happiness instead of suffering and hate.