Karla Narvaez


Tina Nguyen, Staff Writer

Karla Narvaez is in her senior year and has been a part of the Academy of Health and Healthier Communities (AHHC) since freshman year and FACES for the future since sophomore year. Karla is proud to be involved in Cesar Chavez Club as Treasurer. This club means a lot to her as it has become a safe space for growth and meaningful conversations. She is also in Psychology Club as the Media Officer, managing their social media handle by spreading mental wellness resources and tips. As a part of Psych Club, Karla is also a Hoover representative in the district wide initiative, the Student Wellness Education and Resources Committee (SWEAR), where a group of student leaders have gathered to push for mental health and wellness campaigns, education, and resources. Karla is glad to have had the opportunity to work in founding the Math Club which provided her and other students with support when it was up and running. Karla’s time in the Chamber Orchestra was significant to her because she played alongside amazing musicians and has created many memories with them. She also has been a part of the Cross Country and Track team for four years of her high school journey. Though Karla is fully open to different factors changing her post-high school path, she plans to spend time with her family and loved ones over the summer before attending Dartmouth College, located in New Hampshire along the east coast. In the long run, she aspires to find her passion and use her platform to come back to City Heights to give back to her community and other underrepresented neighborhoods. Karla enjoys painting pieces as a form of therapy, as well as gifting them to friends and family. She also enjoys singing and playing music because that is the environment she has been raised in both at home and at church. To top it off, one of her favorite hobbies entails cooking cultural (Mexican) food with her mom and her oldest sister.