Lead by example


Daisy Castaneda, Senior Writer

In my observation as a student, I’ve had some good rapports with teachers. But other times, things become problems once something sets them off.

During the beginning of my year, I recall one of my teachers getting upset over students. As most of the students weren’t listening, talking loud, making a mess and much more. This set off my teacher so much and we were yelled at, and had to stay after for a few minutes. In every situation it’s important to look at both sides, not just choosing one over the other. As in context being left out so it could make the other side look bad. That’s why it’s important as human beings to know more information, and then make your opinion about a situation.

As individuals, we will always have different opinions, especially when it comes to our family. We don’t want to think that our family could do such things, but we as humans have our own minds and we also act differently around others; especially people with power because any wrong move could get you in trouble. It’s the same thing with family, you don’t want your family to look at you in a different light. But you must tell everything as it is otherwise. In this situation, I understand my teacher getting mad but still it’s not very professional.

If a teacher gets upset, for whatever reason, he or she should try other methods. As young people, we don’t know better so we look at teachers as examples of how to handle situations. If things do come out in the wrong way, at least apologize to your students because you as the adult have to take responsibility. We all make mistakes; we are human. We as humans are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, and become the better version of ourselves to others. It’s good to be able to have something you’re not proficient at and always try to improve yourself. I have some areas I need to improve to be better. But that’s ok because we’re all human and no one is perfect because perfection itself is a flaw.