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Daisy Castaneda

Daisy Castaneda, Senior Writer

Daisy Castaneda is a senior at Hoover High School. She loves video games, and could talk about them for hours. They're something that she will never stop loving even once she gets older. There is something about games that make her love them, especially when playing their older iterations; seeing how far they’ve come, how graphics have improved, and how the art looks different over time. Games are the reason she loves art as they make her see more about shading, light and darker colors and even how character designs are made. That’s why she also loves anime as well.  She likes the different types of styles that get used and make it unique. Though she never gets to finish most of the anime series she watches. Anime has a special part in her heart next to games. She hopes one day to improve her art skills.

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Daisy Castaneda