One of my favorites!


Daisy Castaneda, Staff Writer

To me one of the important games was Super Smash Bros Ultimate as it gives me nostalgia towards the series I grew up with.

When I was younger the game I got for this series was Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii. And I fell in love with it. Getting to see different characters from series that I knew, and didn’t know, was a dream. My love for this series grew as I got the next one which was Super Smash Bros Wii U. As this one had DLC that was added in with characters from the older games and for this new game. I remember how interesting it was to see characters from games that I never heard of. Because of Super Smash Bros, I fell in love with characters, learning more about the games that they came from. And becoming in love with those games,and because of this game, I played games that I would have never played. Except for some, it took a little longer but in the end, I grew up getting to experience different game genres. But no game became more important to me in this series than Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as it was the game to introduce so many characters, my heart fluttered. There were so many new characters that I knew and didn’t know which piqued my interest.

To get to see characters from games that I grew up with made me feel a bit old which is funny to look back on. Also the feeling of seeing what wacky new characters were added always made me excited. Another thing was that the more reveals happened the more and more I got into the game. With the new characters I decided to check out their games, see if they were something for me to get into. And yes, they were and I don’t regret it!