Roberto Gonzalez


Veronica Perez, Senior Writer

Roberto Gonzalez is a senior here at Hoover. He was born on May 26, and is best described by others as dedicated, smart, and a passionate person. He is also a 4.0 student, whose favorite subject is math. He has one other sibling who also attends Hoover. He has played on the Hoover Soccer Varsity team since his freshman year and is now going on to his 4th year. Throughout his years while playing soccer, his biggest supporters are his parents and teammates. He looks up to his mom because of all the struggles she had to go through in order to give him and his younger sister a better life. One of Robert’s biggest dreams is to travel around the world and explore nature. His biggest accomplishment would be to make his parents proud and become the best person he can be. He is hoping to graduate high school and walk across the stage in white. After high school, he is planning to attend a university but first he will be taking a year off just to travel. His top three places to go to are Guerrero, France and Brazil. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and his favorite food is pasta, mainly chicken alfredo. This year he will be going to his fullest and hopefully enjoy his last year.