More than just a superhero cartoon


Daisy Castaneda, Senior Writer

Young Justice was a show I got into during my winter break as I needed something amusing to watch while away from home. I found out about the show by just watching cartoon clips for a while, and soon it popped into my recommended section. So I checked it out, and after watching a few, I started looking for full episodes because I was interested.

The characters are younger Justice League members and sidekicks, as they feel like their contributions aren’t being appreciated. They’re always on the sidelines on the bigger missions just for being teenagers. We even see how their team grows as more members join, and some of them have some history behind them. As each member has their ups and downs, their history shows how it has affected them into acting and being the way they are. Members of “the team” include Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, and Artemis. New members are introduced later on as the series progresses. In the beginning the team was smaller, everyone seemed on good terms, but as the team got more members tensions did rise. As some members still either felt like they didn’t belong or that they were getting in beef with others. Things didn’t get any better as they lost a member, Red Arrow, who turned against them, and was replaced with one who no one knew anything about, not even the adults who are supposed to know everything. That was season one.

New seasons followed, Invasion (season 2), Outsiders (season 3), and Phantoms (season 4).  Each new season brings new challenges, and viewers get to see the young superheroes grow and change.  There are also a number of themes that the show addresses: loyalty, honesty, compassion, and teamwork.