Jeorge Morales


Veronica Perez, Senior Writer

Jeorge Morales is a 16 year old teenager that has lived in City Heights his whole life. He is currently attending Hoover High, and is a very dedicated student. He has one older sister and two brothers. He attended Valencia Elementary School from kindergarten to 1st. He then moved to Hamiliton Elementary school for the rest of his elementary school years, and then went to Clark Middle School and made lots of new memories throughout his years. His 8th grade year was when he started taking soccer seriously but never imagined what his future would be like with it.

He is now attending Hoover, and is now one of the captains on the varsity soccer team. He started off in JV as a left/right back. But halfway through his freshman year, he moved up to varsity and got the role of a center back. Throughout his high school years he experienced a lot of new things and made new friends and new memories he never dreamed of.

His favorite experience during high school has to be soccer season and getting ready for it with his team. He hopes to accomplish a CIF title and ring. He is hoping to travel when he grows older. He would like to settle down and have a nice house and family. His biggest goal is to make his parents proud and most importantly make a good life out of his living. He will continue to study and hopefully go to college. He expects nothing but the best for those who have stuck with him throughout his journey and have many more years with them.  He is also a new staff writer to The Cardinal staff.