Shayla Vest


Daisy Castaneda, Senior Writer

Shayla Vest is a senior at Hoover High School. She loves drawing, and loves to share it on Instagram @shaylennychan. She’s a very hard worker, and never settles for a B and works hard toward an A. Her artwork is very distinct from others, and you’ll be able to tell it’s her’s by her watermark. It’s very creative!

Her style is represented by the season of the month, and so are her supplies. She has different styles of art, and has other hobbies that relate to art. She always tries to improve her art, and get better at it with practice, and is inspired by all the artists she follows. Shayla always tries to get her work done, and does much more than she needs to. She loves to draw on her tablet, always loves to see how much her art has improved since last time. Art for her is a passion, she hopes to get more into it especially with freelance work as an artist. She would like to be a freelance artist.