Bathroom privileges


Trash was found on the sink during 4th period.

Jana Nguyen, Staff Writer

There are many allegations around school bathrooms in general, whether students are able to use the bathroom in an emergency with or without teacher’s permission or if school bathrooms are sanitary.

I believe that teachers should let students go to the bathroom whenever they ask, because some students may have bladder problems that make it an urgency to go.  There may also be digestive system problems which students will need to go. Teachers also do not know if the students have an emergency to go to the bathroom, like if a girl is on her period, it is an emergency for her to go to the bathroom. However, there is usually a long line whenever a large number of students ask at the same time, or students are ditching class and hiding in the restrooms. It is understandable if the class is learning something important and teachers do not want students to leave.  But if the class works together, they can just receive help from the teacher or a classmate later on, especially if it is something they do not understand.

School bathrooms have many opinions circulating about whether they are clean. Many students rather not say whether it’s sanitary or not because they are just using the bathroom. The School’s bathroom should always be clean for students to use the bathroom in a nice environment. As for me, it shouldn’t be that messy regardless because people should just go in and out using the bathroom. Sadly, there are some students who have to ruin it for others and mess up the bathrooms, that is not how bathrooms look at the end of the day. Janitors have a hard time doing their job to clean up all day from students using it or messing around, even if it is their job to clean. Students should clean after themselves. Even if it is something small such as wiping the water off of the counter from washing their hands or throwing paper towels into the trash can.