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Jana Nguyen

Jana Nguyen, Associate Editor

Thu Na is the given name by her parents after changing it in the sixth grade as a lead in her grades and her life as a good luck charm . However, since birth, she still prefers the name of Jana because it was easier for others to pronounce. She is currently in 12th grade at Hoover High School, specifically in the health academy.

After high school, she is confused about the decisions and choices that she needed to make for her life after college, which college to decide on, what major she wanted, how she was going to be able to pay for college, etc. All that was answered when she figured it all out during the summer; she planned to go to SDSU and UCSD to major in nursing, specifically a pediatric nurse to work with children. She just hopes to be able to go to any college in general to be able to pursue her dreams.  If she doesn’t get into the designated college that she planned and hoped for, she’ll just try to work with what she has and keep moving forward.

Pineapple on pizza?? The most typical question that is asked among a bunch of people, personally Jana likes pineapple on pizza. The mix flavor from the pineapple and the tomato sauce creates a dancing feeling in her mouth, craving it almost every day of the week. It’s almost like playing tennis.

Another thing that people would have subjective opinions on is sports, mostly people would favor sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. Jana prefers playing tennis with every serve, backhand, or forehand, or etc. Any move, she can most likely hit it with no problem. Playing tennis relieves the stress and worries off the back of head; she doesn’t remember any homework assignments that are given to her or any problems that she had been worrying about for days.

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Jana Nguyen