Huu Nguyen


Kay Tieu, Staff Writer

Huu Nguyen is a senior at Hoover High School, in the Academy of Information Technology, who was born on September 24, in Vietnam. In 2019, he immigrated to the US with his family and settled in City Heights. His favorite hobby is 3D printing because he enjoys the process of playing around with the 3D printer and the feeling of coming up with a design and turning it into a tangible item he can hold in his hands. He also likes playing games, such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft, in his free time. His favorite TV show is the animated series “Arcane” for its masterful and impactful storytelling, moving music, and detailed art. He believes it represents the best example of what animation in film is capable of. He rates it as a highly exceptional show.

In school, he tries to take advantage of opportunities, such as joining the Ocean Discovery Institute, and involving himself in multiple internships over the summer. He intends to go to college after graduating from high school, and hopes to major in computer engineering. His deep interest in programming arose from the fact that the novelty of the Internet was exciting to him, and the fact that software development had a low barrier to entry. He’s engaged in coding and software creation for phones as a hobby.

While he believes himself to be socially awkward, he’s honest, has a lot of foresight when it comes to his future, and loves learning. He hopes to end highschool on a good note – with straight A’s and a bright future.