Frida Arriaga


Daisy Castaneda, Senior Writer

Frida Arriaga is a 17 year-old senior at Hoover High School. She loves taking pictures and listening to music. She wants to be a photographer or a director. She especially likes taking pictures of herself. She hopes one day she can do something big and inspire other people that you can do it no matter what, and to stop listening to what others say about you because nothing lasts, especially in high school. She is very confident in herself because during her childhood she was never that confident.  She would always put herself down and not wear what she loved.  But when the quarantine hit, she started to really think and believe that no one should ever tell her what to wear or not to wear. It’s her body and nobody should ever have an opinion on it. She’s shared photos of herself because they represent who she is and how she likes to dress. Her outfits are a major part of her. Although they’re just clothes, she puts a lot of effort into what she’s going to wear each morning or whenever she goes out. Like she’s said she’s glad she got to share these few things about her and she hopes it inspires whoever needs to hear this.