Slip stitch, skip stitch…double crochet


Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet or just wanted to learn a new skill? Crocheting is the act of looping yarn with a hooked needle to make different kinds of patterns with fabric or other materials. You can make things like beanies, scarfs, gloves, etc. If you answered yes to one of those questions, then the Crochet Club at Hoover is for you!

This was all possible because ASB adviser, Ms. Brianna, crochets in her spare time. Many students saw her doing this during break and wanted her to teach them.

“After talking with Mr. Jose from IMIN,” expressed Ms. Brianna, “we got to work and started on making the club.”

The Crochet Club is now available for you to join. They meet on Wednesday mornings at 9 am in the ASB room. Students from the club had only good things to say about it.

Karla Morales said, “I joined because I wanted to learn something new,” said sophomore Karla Morales. “It seemed interesting and fun. Getting to know new people. And I wanted to take on a new challenge. Crochet seemed like it had a lot of steps, you really have to memorize or train your hands. I wanted to challenge myself in wanting to do better at concentrating for myself.”

Many students either had some or no experience at all. Yet all of the students are having a great time learning.

Another student by the name of Frahiwot Legess had this to say, “Some of my family had done it, and I wanted to learn the same,” said sophomore Frahiwot Legess. “It gives me something to do in the mornings. I’ve learned to make my own yarn, and follow the steps.”

As you can see, you don’t need to have any experience to learn. Many students either had some or no experience at all. Yet all of the students were having a great time learning. If you want to learn more about this club, make sure to come by on Wednesday at 9 am in the ASB room for more information.