Kathy Nguyen


Jana Nguyen, Staff Writer

One of the familiar Faces of Hoover is Phuong Nguyen, but Kathy is her preferred name, and she is currently a junior. She was born and raised in San Diego, and had spent the most of her youth in California, except having relocated to Texas and then returning to California. Her birthday is November 17, and she is a Scorpio.

She is the sort of friend that prioritizes the ones she cares about over herself.  Her biggest phobia is heights. She dislikes surprises since she finds it difficult to predict what she intends to do next. She’s the sort who’d rather know what the surprise is than keep it a secret. As a result, she would be stressed out by the anticipation of discovering what that surprise may be.

A couple of things that upsets Kathy the most are when individuals treat others with disrespect, when individuals smash objects for no apparent cause, and when some people shove/push others without explanation or remorse.  She is currently in the AHHC academy. Her intentions for the future is to become a nurse.