Everyone needs water


Daisy Castaneda, Senior Writer

Summer is rolling around, the sun’s hot and brighter than ever. Don’t you just want to get some cool refreshing water for your dry throat? It can be a real challenge to think if you aren’t drinking enough water, or an unfortunate accident can happen if you don’t drink any in the hot sun.

As your body needs some water every now and then to cool down, like during activities, and especially if you’re going to school from 8:30 to 3:40. Summer is also a time when you should drink plenty of water as it gets extremely hot throughout the day. That’s probably why you’ll see a lot of students now getting water flask bottles that keep the water cold. Though regular water bottles do the same, they just can’t keep it cold as most are plastic. But I would recommend everyone should bring water bottles as summer is around the corner.

Water also helps when you need energy as finals are coming up and you’ll need to be prepared. You don’t want to dehydrate during class so make sure to bring something to drink, because when you become dehydrated you’ll feel tired and thirsty. So it’s better just to bring a bottle or just drink from the water fountains scattered around Hoover. The library and new building’s only have good working water fountains, and if you have a water bottle, you can fill it up from one of these.  This would also provide less exposure to germs from spreading as people would drink from the same fountain.

Also in the beginning of fall Hoover this year, Hoover had given out water bottles donated. Our school was worried about students not having enough water or some not being able to get water bottles. This helped cut down on students going back and forth to just get a sip from the water fountain. Water is very important to have as our body needs both food and water. It will probably get hotter as the days go by and as the school year progresses. Though the school is still working to get all the fountains up and running, because they want to make sure students’ school year goes smoothly. If you happen to see a specific one that does not work, let the administration know.  Water should be available to everyone at any time.