My escape


Jeorge Morales, Staff Writer

I started playing soccer  at the age of seven. My dream has always been to make it big in the soccer world, ever since I was little. I always had the support of my mom and dad. I wasn’t the best at the sport but that did not stop me from pursuing my dream. My father and I would get into very bad arguments because of soccer. That is how important it was to me that I was willing to risk a relationship with my father because of the sport.

Soccer is not what people think it is. They just think it’s a bunch of guys just chasing a ball for 90 minutes, trying to score a goal, but I can tell you it is way more than that. If I am feeling sad, anxious, scared or feeling any type of pain, soccer is always my escape from reality. Every time I step on the field, all of my problems disappear for that period of time that I am on the field. Growing up I realized that in life I wouldn’t want to do anything else but play until I physically can’t anymore. The sport is all about having fun and creating new memories every time you step on the field.

Everything in my life involves soccer and there is a reason for that. I want to be successful in life because of soccer and if things do not go my way I still want to stick to a job that is related to soccer. I have one more soccer season left and then I will face the real world but I will make my mom’s wish come true by attending college and hopefully still be able to play soccer, and showing how a seven year old kid, who was scared to start playing,  will make her proud.