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Jeorge Morales, Senior Writer

Jeorge Morales was born in San Diego, California on February 19. He is the son of a Mexican mother and a Guatemalean father, so technically he has three nationalities. Growing up, he was always playing outside as a kid it is  am to say that he did enjoy his childhood sometimes a little too much  because his  parents would get him in trouble for being outside most of his day. Jeorge was always an active kid but always a bigger than average kid and that always caused some insecurity in him because he wanted to look like everybody else and be happy with himself. Jeorge always admired his dad growing up because that was his role model no matter if his dad did something bad or good Jeorge always looked up to him.

Jeorge enjoys traveling a lot because he is all about memories because memories are what make life worth living. In his mind he never wanted to live a simple and boring life because he thinks that would be a waste of time. He enjoys the chicken alfredo pasta that his sister makes because it just makes his day 100 times better than it already was. Jeorge enjoys sunrises and the sunsets very much because he is a big fan of nature. Any chance that he gets to take picture of any sunrise or sunset he takes it because that is something he also enjoys doing. Photography is something that he has always liked but got more interested in highschool because of the scenarios he puts himself in just to take pictures.

Growing up he hated when the weather was not how he wanted to be. When he was little he used to despise the cold weather he could not stand it because it would ruin his day. The weather had to be hot for him to appreciate the weather. Growing up his perspective changed on it he prefers the winter way more than the summer now. Jeorge had a lot of changes growing up but that is how he is

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