Why grades are important


Jana Nguyen, Senior Writer

Having good grades have so much meaning to me especially because of the influence of my family. They would constantly talk about how they love to see me with good grades, like A’s and B’s, rather than just passing grades like a C. I believe that they think this way because when they were growing up, they didn’t live in an environment to receive free education. They would like me to take advantage of the free education that I receive now, especially while at that, to try my best and receive good grades.

I used to get mad at the way they would nag at me because at most times, I didn’t even have the grades that they were expecting. It would seem like no matter how many times they asked me, I did not have the grades they were looking for.

Starting junior year, I decided to take matters into my own hands and earn good grades that I want. By trying my best, choosing not to slack off, and choosing not to procrastinate and to turn my assignments on time. Even when I felt like giving up and felt like doing it tomorrow or whenever I felt like it, I know that it would only hurt my habit in the future. My choice of change was to do the assignments on time, preferably on the day that is given to complete it, breaking that habit to get slowed behind. When I started to do so, my grades were improving.

When I started to have straight A’s and B’s, it made me happy to see those changes because of the choice of change in my habit. It made me happy to be able to tell my parents that I did have the grades that they were expecting. I used to believe that the grades that they were expecting were a little out of reach for me to convey. While doing all that, it made me realize how much my grades meant to me. My grades have impacted my future as well, by the colleges I desire to go to and my grades going on my transcript. I am glad by the decisions I made and the habits I made to choose to get the grades that I desired. Even now, I still keep up to those habits to continue the grades that I have set on.