AOTW ~ Annette Tenorio


Jana Nguyen and Jesus Gastelum

Annette Tenorio is currently a senior at Hoover High school. She is an AHHC academy student. Her passions include cheering, skating, reading, painting, and listening to music. She enjoys drawing skies and flowers as an artist. She uses it as a kind of distraction when she finds herself in difficult situations. When it comes to the kind of music she enjoys, R&B is her favorite.

She hopes to qualify as a pediatrician or registered nurse when she is older. She was motivated to pursue either of those occupations because she enjoys talking to children and providing for them, and because she wants to work in the medical area despite having a 2.0 GPA, that is something she will work towards.  The cheerleaders have study hall from 4 PM to 5:15 PM after school in order to balance cheering and academics. Afterwards, they start practicing.

Her role in the team is the varsity cheerleader’s cheer captain. She started cheering when she was just in the 7th grade, so it’s been approximately six years, but it was competitive cheerleading. Her favorite part of participating in football game cheers is interacting with and seeing other school cheerleaders. She enjoys spending time with her teammates and considers them as family since she would support them under any circumstance. She had a great time participating in her cheerleading experience since she was able to meet so many new people. She would advise anyone who is considering joining to do so.

She hadn’t considered continuing cheering after high school, but if the college she is admitted into has a cheerleading program, she will do so throughout college.