Music helps me focus


Jeorge Morales, Staff Writer

I think that the teachers at Hoover High School should be more open in letting their students listen to music in class. I say this because listening to music with my headphones in has always been better for me than doing my work in a silent class.

Music can be used in two ways, either for distractions or to let it help you focus on finishing your task.  I have been in classrooms where they do not let you listen to music at all and I do not enjoy being in those classrooms. I have also been in a classroom where the teacher lets you listen to music as long as it is an appropriate time and if you are finishing your work, and I do very well in the class where I can listen to music. In my opinion, I think that a student should be able to listen to music as long as they are completing the tasks that are given to them or if the teacher is not  giving out instructions.

As a personal experience for me, I finish my work way easier when I am listening to music because in a way music is very important and therapeutic for me.  Music in a way opens ideas in my head and it expands my thoughts which leads to my thinking and being more creative. When I am not listening to music I just feel like I can not fully focus on what I am doing because I can hear everything that is happening around me and I get distracted. I am not saying that every student attending school should be forced to listen to music but what I am saying is that it should be an earned privilege and students should not get the power of listening to music taken away just because the teacher does not like the idea.