Daniel Arreola


Jeorge Morales, Senior Writer

Daniel Arreola was born May 11, in San Diego California. Daniel is a senior at Hoover High School. He has spent his four years at this school and has been playing for the soccer team each year.  Daniel has had some struggles with staying eligible to play soccer because of grades, But he is excited and prepared for what his senior year season will bring for him.

Daniel’s four years at Hoover have been a roller coaster for him. During freshman year he was having the time of his life enjoying it and then he messed up two high school years. He is now working to catch up and make the best out of his senior year. If the soccer career does not go as planned for Daniel, he will study to be an athletic director for sports.

Growing up he enjoyed spending quality time around the people he loved such as his mom. His mom is very important in his life because whenever he is feeling down, she always finds a way to put a smile on his face. His biggest fear in life is losing his loved ones whom he values. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games with friends. He enjoys listening to a lot of Drake but one of his favorite songs is “Redemption.” Daniel is more of a cold weather guy because he gets very frustrated when he can not do anything about the heat. One of his favorite things to eat is ceviche. Daniel is a very persevering person and will not give up without giving it his all and that speaks for the soccer field and in life.