A variety would make a big impact


Jasmin Gallegos, Staff Writer

Hoover High School should have a bigger variety of available classes. Students at Hoover need choices and more ways to engage students in education.

Currently Hoover High School only has two language classes: French and Spanish. Hoover should add more language class options. We should have the option of learning Chinese as it is the third most spoken language after Spanish and French. Having a sign language class would also be very helpful as it is one of the only ways to communicate with fully deaf people. While French is a beautiful language to learn, I have never encountered someone who speaks only French and not English. Overall I think we should have more than just two language classes.

Another useful class for students we should have as an option is home economics. Home economics teaches valuable life skills such as: family or personal finance, nutrition, and even human development. For anyone hoping to have a family in the future, this class would be very beneficial or even for those who want to learn how to better handle money for the future.

Driving is a skill everyone needs to learn and it would be very helpful if Hoover has an actual drivers education class. I know they have an after school program but you have to apply for that and not everyone can stay after school to learn. If there was a class during regular school hours more people would be available to take it and learn a skill they will use for most of their lives. Even if the class does not take students out to drive, it would still be helpful to learn all the rules and prepare them for their permit test when they can take it. In addition, auto shop classes would be beneficial to many students as well.  This could even be a pathway.

Even though Hoover offers some great classes, there are still more classes that should be added as they would be very helpful to our futures.