Schekania Simon


Kenia Ortiz, Staff Writer

Schekania Simon is a junior at Hoover High School. She was born August 27, a month as vibrant as her. Being a part of the class of 2024, she has spent her past three years here involved with her school in numerous ways, for example, school clubs.

Schekania is the president of the Dance Club.  She is also in the Faith Club, First Gen Scholars Club, and CAC, all that she dedicates her time and support to. She is currently a part of the ALMA academy. ALMA is a safe academy for Schekania to express her creativity and talent. Schekania carries quantities of school spirit while spreading positivity around campus. She is often spotted with her contagious smile or laugh and the notebooks that keep her organized.

Schekania spends her free time watching Asian dramas and movies. For example, her top choices are Bollywood, k-drama, and C-drama. She enjoys writing poetry and reading romantic comedies and adventure books. Last but not least, Schekania likes to do adventurous things and learn about different cultures.

One thing she is passionate about is dancing. Dancing is paramount to her because she can express herself through it. Schekania pays close detail to the rhythm and movement, finding it beautiful. Not only is dancing captivating, but she also encounters its fun in moving around and having a wonderful time.  One of her strengths is she puts herself out there. Schekania is bold and never scared to speak up about what she is passionate about. She is not afraid to be and do what she desires. One of her weaknesses is she sometimes finds it hard to tell people no, but she has been improving in her response.  She also has a major role in the upcoming drama department musical, Little Red, which opens May 18.