Mr. Andrews

The staff at The Cardinal express who their most influential teachers are in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!


Kenia Ortiz, Staff Writer

I appreciate Mr. Andrews, who teaches AP and standard physics to grades 10-12th in classroom 1301.

Mr. Andrews was born on December 20, and raised in New York, and although New York is his home, the tons of traveling in his work lifetime astonishes and inspires me to take on a career that permits me to do what I love while still working. He attended college at Florida Tech and entered the navy with a college in Monterey, California, where he attained his master’s degree in Management, National Security, and Strategic Studies. He retired from the Navy to attend San Diego State University, where he received his teaching credential. Mr. Andrews was once Captain Andrews, commander of ships USS Chancellorsville and USS Chandler, giving him a supplementary 28 years of experience in teaching and leading in the Navy before his physics teacher days!

Mr. Andrew is a caring, silly, understanding, and flexible teacher, demonstrating it each and every single day. When students speak about their unsightly grades with a willingness to make a modification, he gives his student a chance to enhance themselves. He tends to assign hands-on activities and challenging projects to really get his students engaged with the course while making learning enjoyable and bringing us to think critically and creatively. As a student who has difficulty participating, I genuinely enjoyed the projects assigned and working with my peers to solve a Kahoot answer or construct and test handmade devices. He assures to support his students through his lessons, delivering them a better understanding of formulas and steps along the way. He prioritizes his students’ education as much as he prioritized schooling in his learning days.

Mr. Andrew keeps a connection with his students, noticing if they appear slightly off, he checks up on them, making sure they’re okay. He always provides students with a calming space to rest during lunch for his students and ones that are not. I appreciate him personally for being someone I can talk to when I have a lot to say about the most prominent situation in my life to the slightest details. He takes the time to listen and provide helpful feedback. He enjoys being a part of the Cardinal family, always looking forward to teaching his students how to overcome any problem, and has been for the past nineteen years! Mr. Andrews’ teaching career is wrapping up at Hoover High School, where he’ll be retiring next 23/24 school year.

“In general, I want to teach my students how to overcome tough problems, develop their skills, and instill in them the confidence that they can achieve anything in life,” is his official goal and I believe he has done exactly that and more.