More time needed


Jasmin Gallegos, Staff Writer

Hoover’s passing period is five minutes except in between first and second where it is 10 minutes. Although there are students that would abuse a longer passing period and take advantage of it, the majority of the students at Hoover definitely need those few extra minutes to get to their classes on time.

Many students have classes that force them to walk all the way across campus. Not to mention the heavy foot traffic in the hallways and stairs. Longer passing periods would also give teachers more time to prepare for the next class. My third-period teacher is always erasing the board and setting it up when I walk into class. Students are constantly coming in late to class because they only have 5 minutes to cross campus. I’ve noticed that in my second period more of my classmates are on time and at their desk compared to my third period class. Typically less than half my third period class is actually on time, most of them walk in a few minutes after the bell.

Passing period should be at least 7-10 minutes long; a longer passing period would allow students more time to use the bathroom so they wouldn’t have to go during class time, more time to get to their classes so less students would be late, and just a small break in between their incredibly stressful classes. With the extra time, students don’t feel rushed, this way students aren’t going to be speed walking to class or crowding the hallways just trying to get to class on time. Everyone could walk calmly and at their own pace. Even teachers are inconvenienced by the short passing period. Five minutes goes by way too fast and everyone on campus deserves a little more time to get where they need to be.