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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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A new change is coming


The new implementation of the San Diego Unified School District-wide cellphone ban has begun this 23-24 school year, with complete enforcement planned for the upcoming year.

At Hoover High School, the proposed new campus policy consists of students storing their cell phones inside a cabinet at the front of the class.  This will keep them safe and out of the way. While this eliminates phone usage in instructional time, it permits acceptance outside of class in one’s personal time.

Although there has been a collective dislike around campus for the new policy, we should approach the change with an open mind so we recognize the benefits. I was originally bitter when I entered a line in my English class to individually stuff our devices away. Only a week in, I began to find peace within myself. I feel more connected to my friends and classmates, actively engaging and having discussions I would’ve never had before. At times, I find myself patting my pockets for my phone, reminding me of the attachment I grew on my own, and relieved by the excitement to see my friends and use my saying in class. Lauranie Langreo’s article, “Cellphone Bans Can Ease Students’ Stress and Anxiety, Educators Say” shares the voices of teachers who’ve recognized “kids are way more engaged” and from my own experience, I agree.

As the San Diego Unified School District confirms, “All students may use these devices on campus before school begins and after school ends. Students in high school grades 9-12 also may use such devices during the lunch period.”

Students are promised fair access to their devices outside of educational hours. By limiting the usage in selected times, the policy prioritizes the importance of focusing on instructional hours. Students may feel that their privilege is restricted once their phones have been, but in reality, they maintain the power to protest and speak their opinion if they aren’t satisfied with the benefits for their well-being. We’re reminded to live in the moment and make the most of our class time.

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Kenia Ortiz
Kenia Ortiz, Junior Editor
Kenia Ortiz is a Junior at Hoover High School. She was born at the spookiest yet coziest time of the year, October 6th. Like the season she was born in, the cold, crisp weather fall brings is her favorite. Outside school, Kenia spends her days listening to music, watching movies, and taking long walks. The Weeknd, Giveon, and The Internet band are her top artists. She’ll never tire of rewatching her favorite childhood movies, Madagascar and Cars. Her favorite meal is chicken alfredo and pink lemonade for any occasion. She despises slow walkers and loud talkers. She could come off as dull, but in all reality, she’s a tranquil and non-judgmental being who cherishes laughs and the petite things in life. She enjoys her independent time as an introvert although, pushes to be more out there by being additionally involved with the school. Kenia is part of Cardinals Interact, where they support their Cardinal family in every way possible. She plans to join clubs such as IMIN and Key Club. She adores the work of expressing her lens of the world through writing, especially with the opportunities her yearbook class brings. She aspires to graduate here at Hoover High, as it is traditional in her family, and at least four years in college, preferably SDSU, where she will strive for a career in the photography industry. Her biggest motivation is to be the first of her three siblings to attend and complete college for her mom, who she looks up to. Kenia desires improvement within herself, to acquire her full potential, and to find self-love for who she is. She truly believes the world could be better if we held love and basic respect for one another as a family. Today, she aims daily to own up to her beliefs, not only with care and love for her peers but understanding them as well.