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Clarisa Garcia

Clarisa Garcia, Staff Writer

Clarisa Garcia. Born and raised in San Diego. She's 17 , turning 18 on February 12. She has 2 dogs, 2 loving parents and 4 older siblings named Gefri, Oslyn , Karen and Bianca, Clarisa is the youngest.

Furthermore, she would love to go to Honduras once again, Honduras is her favorite place to visit. She loves the breeze she feels when she's sitting in the back of the truck with all her friends. The food, the variety of foods there is, is incredible. Visiting all her loved ones , everyone going to her grandma's house and spending time with them. Going to the beach with the whole family and making carne asada. Taking a swim, feeling the warm water hit our feet. But nothing can ever beat all the nights , out on the porch , having long talks all night, with everyone back home, from work and just enjoying eachothers company.

Clarisa is graduating in 2023, she's excited for the school year, all the fun activities that will be coming up, all the dances, school games, senior nights, PROM. The most exciting part of all, where everyone gets all nice and fancy to take pictures and party all night and have the best night of their lives. She's excited to graduate. She's thinking about achieving a Cosmetology Major, because she loves to do people's hair, nails, and makeup. She would love to do a variety of things , but mainly, she wants to work on doing peoples lash extensions. She is thinking about doing cosmetology as a part time job, 2nd job while doing her main job , which she is thinking about is to work in the field for being a detective. She is super excited to achieve her goals, it will be a lot of work and a lot of stress, a lot of commitment but she is ready for it all, mentally and physically.

One special person in Clarisa’s life that she looks up to , will have to be her mother Francisca Diaz. Born and raised in Honduras. Came to the US 20-25 years ago. Clarisas mother is the real definition of a hard working mother, puts her family first before all. She tries so hard to give her kids the best lifes. She is Clarisa’s inspiration and she does hope, she makes her proud. There's nothing more Clarisa would love to do but to make her proud and happy with all her accomplishments. She loves her mom deeply, she means the world to Clarisa. Even if things go south with them, at the end of the day, her mother is her life. Her mother motivates her to be a better person, to be as independent as she is. Her mother taught her to be a better version of herself.

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September 20, 2022
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Clarisa Garcia