Hoover Cardinals on giving


Alexa Moreno and Persephony Phoev

It is that time of the year where the exchange of gifts is the norm.  Though we wish to give people what they want, some Hoover Cardinals want to give more than what money can buy.


I would give back to the refugees – Sirr Mee

“I would give people clothes because they like clothes and a hoodie” – Alexa Mondragón

Give food to the homeless – Taezhon

“I would give someone a puppy” – Brandon Gutierrez

I would give Santa a Christmas present – Markell

“I would probably give them clothes or a Starbucks gift card.” – Justice Camargo

Life long peace & happiness – Coach Guarnotta

It would be my dad I would buy him a car & for my mom, I would buy her a new phone – Jmel

“I would give people money because they can buy whatever they’d want.” – Alan Perea