One of California’s best builds even more at Hoover


Luis Ordonez, Staff Writer

Out of 393 California Partnership Academies, the Sustainable Academy of Building and Engineering (SABE) is one of the six academies that has been bestowed the honor of “Distinguished Academy,” which was awarded to them at the annual Educating for Careers Conference 2020, in Long Beach.

In order to be selected, the California Department of Education, along with the Career and College Support Network, the Graduate School of Education, and UC Berkeley, reviewed documents and visited sites to determine compliance with the California Education code.  SABE showed a high quality of effective industry partnerships and exemplary graduation rates.

“SABE helped me think differently and be open minded,” said senior Jamie Garcia.

What began nine years ago, the teachers in SABE have worked hard to become a comprehensive program at Hoover.  Earning this distinction makes it really special to have this program offered to students.  In the near future, they plan on expanding their partnerships with the industry and adding more hands on work-based experiences to their program.

From l-r: Larry Kaplan, Gale Kaplan, Sebastion Ulloa, Daniel Barone, Krisztina Hagey, Elizabeth Lonnecker, Kristiana Riego de Dios, Amie Savino, SABE Director, Angie Hummel.

“As SABE grows to 420 students next year, three cohorts at each grade level 9-12, we are adding a college level course to our Engineering and Design pathway,” expressed SABE Director Ms. Angie Hummel. “Our students are the future, and they are the innovators who will make our community, indeed our world, a better place.”

Mr. Jerry Winthrop, the lead consultant for the California Partnership Academies, has stated that the dedication, professionalism and compassion exhibited by the stakeholders in the academy provide a quality program that is unique.

“I chose SABE due to the fact that I didn’t fit in in the previous academy I was in, I felt that SABE included all the students and showed skills I can use in the future and daily life,” said senior Rosario Perez. “What I like best about SABE is the community that we have.  I like to say that we are a family and I believe that all adults in the academy are very supportive and helped me achieve all my goals.”