Musicals are back!


Ema Morales, Staff Writer

The first musical, Little Red, was performed in the new theater on May 18 and 19.  It had been about five years since there was a musical at Hoover.

Directed by Mr. Michael Heu, Little Red was a retelling of the children’s story, Little Red Riding Hood, but with a Hispanic twist to the story.  Red, played by sophomore Nikolle Nuno, has to continue the tradition of the Dia Del Sendero which has been in her family for generations, but she wants to go see her favorite band, The Jack B. Nimbles.  She is joined by a classmate, Corky, played by senior Yazir Barragan-Arteaga, who also has to fulfill his tradition as a woodsman and protect Red.  He is helped by his trusted owl, Paz, who is played by freshman Emma Maglicyang.  Along the journey they encounter Dawn Coyote, played by junior Schekania Simon, who takes Red off her path so she can replace her at her abuela’s.  Rounding out the cast are seniors Andrea Vasquez (as Rosa, Red’s mother), Lourdes Quezada (as Magenta, Red’s grandmother) and junior Vivian Truong-Guerrero (as Scarlet, Red’s sister)

The set was constructed by the advanced theater students, and it really made the audience feel like they were somewhere in Los Angeles where the story takes place.  According to Mr. Heu, for the first musical in the new theater, they used tracks instead of live music.  It was a chance for the theater department to see what the space can do.  Junior Erza Bajrami did a wonderful job with the music and sound effects.  One of the highlights was when the playwright, Anthony Aguilar, introduced himself.  He had driven down from Los Angeles to see the production.  This was very exciting for the cast and crew.