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Nathalia Truong

Nathalia Truong, Staff Writer

Nathalia Truong is a 15 year old sophomore at Hoover High School. She likes watching shows and movies, as well as listening to music. Whether it may be a really long series or a short horror film, something about cinema is comforting. She can’t go a day without listening to music. You may see her around campus, and when you do, she’s never without her airpods. Guaranteed, songs are blasting through them. She dislikes not knowing what her future holds. Just thinking about what could’ve been, makes her anxious as is, but thinking about what could be, overthrows what could’ve been. Though she fears not knowing what the future may hold, one of her biggest goals in life is being able to live a life that is to be proud of. This goal is something she looks forward to achieving, but as of right now, her main goal is to figure out what she wants to do after high school. Almost everyone knows what path they’ll take after high school, except her. She knows she should go to college, but she doesn’t know what major would be a good fit for her. Nathalia does the bare minimum to keep the world around her afloat. However, to start changing it, she’ll start doing above the minimum. Society always thinks to make the world a better place, but before doing so, society needs to make themselves better. Nathalia works on bettering herself everyday, in hopes of bettering what’s around her.

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Nathalia Truong