Reaching for that goal


Daisy Castaneda, Staff Writer

A goal is something you’re aiming for in life that you want for yourself or others. My goals are to get past high school, be in a good position, hopefully get into a college, and succeed in getting a job in a career I love and enjoy.

With any goal you have to strive for something more in this world, because there is potential out there that can be reached. But only you, yourself, will ever know the goals you want for yourself. In society, we’ll do anything in our power to achieve our goal. As not everything comes for free in this world, you have to work your way, and earn what you want.

The reason I want to get past high school is because it’s my last year. I don’t want to fall behind with my grades or homework. I want to give it my all before I leave this school. Who knows if I’ll see it again? As life is unexpected, there are always twists and turns. I feel scared actually. I’m going to be an adult in a few more months, and I’ll have to be able to do things I wasn’t able to do at 17. Soon I’ll have to manage multiple things as a young adult. It just feels weird already being in my last year since junior year I wasn’t even at school. But I’ll be able to do things for my senior year, just with a mask.

School still doesn’t feel normal to me as we are still in the same position as last year except we’re doing things in person. I do prefer everything in person since being online had my goals at a bad position. As everything was more of a chore then actually wanting to do it because I want to. It was more of an obligation than anything as I felt the tiredness and unwillingness to do anything. Another thing was wanting to have energy, working extra hard and being able to be myself after being in my house for a year and a half.

But after being able to be in person, seeing all my friends and teachers, I felt so much better. I feel more motivated now as I now have a reason to do better for my emotional side. Now being in person will help much better when it comes to anything that has to do with preparing for college. I’ll be honest I was not ready for anything, but having teachers who are willing to help me has given me the courage to do better. My sociology career will lead into many other branches as I understand and explore human emotions, behavior, and actions.