AOTW ~ Darlene Hernandez


Jesus Gastelum, Staff Writer

Darlene Hernandez is a multi-sport player but is currently running cross country. Her other sports include ice skating and lacrosse. Not only is Darlene a superstar on the track, but she’s also a superstar in class with a weighted GPA of 4.0. She likes to do her work in class so that way she only has to focus on her sports after school.  Luckily, however, she doesn’t usually get homework from most classes. To get her mind off things, she loves to run which is also why she loves to do cross country. She adds that she’d love to continue to do cross country after high school.

There’s more to Darlene than just being a track star. She hopes to be a traveling nurse in the future whilst making her mom proud of her. One of her hobbies includes playing other sports as mentioned above and playing the piano. One of her favorite thing about the sport is that she loves the way the team bonds with each other and she loves her bond with her coaches. Her motivation to run is to show everyone that she can be better than everyone.