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Chloe Ly
Chloe Ly was born on July 7, in San Diego. However, her family is from Vietnam. She is a 15-year-old sophomore at Hoover High School and will graduate in 2023. Before going to Hoover High School, she went to Horace Mann Middle School. Chloe’s role model is her mother because she inspires her by always giving her all and persevering. She is taking publications to try something new and also because her counselor recommended her to take the course. Chloe thinks that people are refusing to wear masks because they don’t believe that the virus exists. She says that she’s seen people online say that they don’t believe the virus is real since they don’t know anyone who has contracted the virus. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing is what Chloe thinks will help us be safer during this pandemic.

Chloe Ly, Staff Writer

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Chloe Ly